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IMPALA Consortium

Inter-Company Quality Analytics

IMPALA aims to engage with Health Authorities inspectors on defining guiding principles for the use of advanced analytics to complement, enhance and accelerate current QA practices

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The IMPALA ecosystem (industry, regulators, patients) will contribute to a change in paradigm for QA, i.e., where co-developed advanced analytics and best practices can help detect and mitigate issues faster, reduce the burden of retrospective, time-consuming traditional QA activities and ultimately accelerate approval and patient access to innovative drugs


  • Make valuable contributions to shift the quality assurance paradigm in the biopharmaceutical industry

  • Connect with experts across the industry

  • Enhance knowledge in areas of interest and expertise through work group projects
  • Access to members-only meetings, resources, materials, and work products prior to public publishing
  • Where relevant, be included in webinars, presentations, and press releases highlighting the work of the consortium
  • Be a part of the movement to accelerate approval and patient access to innovative drugs

Work Products


  • Clinical Safety Reporting

  • Audit Site Selection

  • Anomaly Detection in Clinical Data

  • Anomaly Detection in Audit Trial

  • RQA Workshop with Inspectors

  • DIA 2023 Workshop

  • 1 Publication

  • 1 Published Work Product

News / Events

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