The DIA China Meeting held in SuZhou from May 17-19, 2024, brought together professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies, and research organisations. IMPALA was grateful to present at two sessions to showcase some of the work products the consortium has been working on.

Session 1: Applying Data Analytics in Audit Planning and Assessment

This session provided an overview of IMPALA consortium followed by an overview of the {simaerep} open-source R package and its use in a data driven audit. It also highlighted the critical thinking that was needed in order to develop the methodology to conduct such an audit.

Session 2: Quality Briefs – Supporting Transparency, Innovation & Products to patients faster

This session provided an overview of the quality brief methodology and the rationale for it. It also highlighted an example of what a conclusion for a quality factor might look like in a quality brief and discussed the steps IMPALA are taking towards finalising the methodology for publishing later this year.

The session was followed by a local panel discussion that was supported by Charles Li on behalf of IMPALA. We are grateful for the valuable feedback received during this discussion, and we are excited to incorporate it into our IMPALA QB deliverables.